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Hosted Phone System

Let’s start with the obvious one. This is a service for which the calling platform and features are hosted at the service provider location—as opposed to a server that resides in a closet at your office. With a hosted system, your employees connect to the system via “IP desk-phones” (see below) that plug into the Internet. They can make calls to any traditional telephone.hpbx-phones-which-is-right The benefit of a hosted system is that it’s simple to setup and manage because you don’t have to worry about equipment. It also saves you a lot of up-front money.

IP desk-phone

This is a phone that makes and receives telephone calls over an “IP” network, such as the Internet. That’s instead of making calls over the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN).


500_F_20938275_fOcFs9cA6eCLhPgxJ9NFtsR3s4IceNRAVoice Over IP (VoIP)

This is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Which is a complicated way of saying that your voice goes over the Internet, instead of over the phone lines.



Mobile Softphone

This is an app that lets a smartphone make and receive calls over the business network, using the same phone number as your IP desk-phone.



Bria 1Computer Any Phone

A Windows or Mac computer program that allows you to make or receive calls over the Internet using the same number as your IP desk-phone.

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